Friday, December 9, 2011

Hot glue FTW!

How did it take me so long to discover hot glue?!?!?! Everyone else smears it on their robots and projects, but somehow it never occurred to me to try it. As an inveterate epoxy user - what a revelation!

Sure, it can get messy. But the adhesive power, the (literal) flexibility, and the absolute trifle of time it takes to set up are mind-bottling.

I just built a set of contact bumpers for a small robot in about 10 minutes, including time to mount them on the robot itself. With epoxy I'd still be waiting for the bumpers to set up, then I'd have to mount them tomorrow and wait another day, and it'd still be fairly brittle.

Now I'm on the prowl for anything that needs gluing - just like way back in the day when I discovered duct tape. Thanks, hot glue gun! 

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